Traditional Herefords


Laxfield Harvest*

Sire: Laxfield Dugarry (AI)*

Dam: Albeny Grace 35th*


Laxfield Herald*

Sire: Laxfield Harvest*
Dam: Shefford Regina 7th*


Laxfield Highwayman*

Sire: Laxfield Harvest*

Dam: Laxfield Silver 5th*

(Sold to Keith Siddorn, Dornley Herd)


Butley Vanguard*

Native Breed Champion Royal Norfolk 2018

Sire: Free Town Vanguard*

Dam: Laxfield Julia 3rd*


Laxfield Julia 3rd*

Sire: Laxfield Harvest*

Dam: Laxfield Julia*

Her bull calf: Butley Vanguard*

by Free Town Vanguard*


Butley Silver 4th (AI)

226752/500405 born 02/03/2018


Sire: Free Town Vanguard

Dam: Laxfield Silver 9th (by Laxfield Harvest). 

Free Town Vanguard sired over 50,000 calves for MMB, including Roft Astronaut a January Champion at Hereford exported to South Africa. 


Butley Silver 5th (AI)



Sire: Free Town Vindicator

Dam: Laxfield Silver 5th

A May 2018 heifer due to calve 14th February 2021 to Free Town Klondyke.  

Butley Julia 2nd (AI)

226752/300403 born 25/02/2018.

Sire: Free Town Vanguard

Dam: Laxfield Julia 11th (AI), by Rowington Daniel. 

(A long heifer from a good milking family.)


Laxfield Julia 11th (AI)*

With her Bull Calf; Butley Klondyke (AI)*  at 6 weeks of age.

A promising son of the successful Free Town Klondyke RMX (AI)*